“To be let go for no reason is like a huge slap in the face from a company that I really wanted to believe in”

— an ex-employee of CloudFlare in this video.

This video brought back a valuable lesson that I believe is worth sharing.

While I can’t verify the authenticity of the video, stories like this are unfortunately not uncommon in large corporations.

Such instances became more apparent during recent economic recessions, and often overlooked during times of prosperity. They offered a more objective perspective to me, and challenged my blind faith in these companies. I had assumed that their commitment to technology, products, and their proclaimed values would translate into ethical behavior.

There might be many reasons behind these cases, things are usually complicated and it’s rather easy to go wrong when it finally comes to the execution of decisions.

However, I came to realize that fundamentally, these are profit-driven organizations. Making a profit is their primary goal, and that, in itself, is not inherently wrong. What becomes self-deceptive is attributing human-like qualities and beliefs to them.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that businesses operate on a different set of principles. While we may admire their innovations, expecting them to prioritize people over profits can lead to disappointment. Recognizing the true nature of these entities allows for a more realistic understanding of their actions and the world.