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I’m working as a senior software engineer/manager in one of the subsidiaries of the Alibaba group, it’s very big in China but not really top-class in the field. While I don’t think working for someone else is the way out, I’d like to see how the top-class technology companies work.


Since the outbreak of COVID-19 I’ve been staying at home for more than two month, I tried to keep my muscle training at first but given up very soon for the lack of equipment and protein intake. Now I only use an elliptical trainer occasionally to keep myself energized.


Before I realized that I have so little time to do things I wanted to do, I was used to learning everything new and interesting to me, which is a LOT. This is not the only problem caused by my insatiable curiosity, to make my life easier, I’ve learned to put down stuff, things I don’t need the most. I’m still not quite sure if that’s the right thing to do.

Updated 2020-04-10, from Wuhan, China.