As an art enthusiast exploring the world of pixel art, I find joy in creating these little pieces. While I lack formal training, I value each creation and treat them as a learning journal.

To ensure the longevity1 and accessibility of them, I adhere to a simple organization method.

For each artwork, I create a dedicated folder and store the following files:

  1. The original file in the editor’s format2 for future editing.
  2. A 1x PNG backup of the original, safeguarding against potential inaccessibility3 and compatibility with other applications.
  3. PNGs scaled from 10x to 1000x, making it easy to view and share.
  4. Relevent reference images in TIFF or PNG, if applicable.

To easily identify each piece, I set the folder’s icon to represent the work, it looks like this: ![The folder containing my pixel arts][ss]

I’m considering a macOS version of Pixel Companion to streamline this process. However, I’m unsure if others would find this useful. Therefore, I warmly welcome your insights on how you organize your projects. Feel free to reach out to me and share your thoughts.

  1. Software is voilate, our data doesn’t have to gmailbe, more on this [ss]: /assets/pixel-art-folder-screenshot.png

  2. For example, .procreate for Procreate, .aseprite for Aseprite.

  3. The image editor might not exist in the future or the format from older version won’t be recognized.

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