Voice Inbox

Currently working on.

A Plain Text Mailer

I’m not fond of automated marketing emails with bloated styles and tracking links. After realizing that pure plain text email is so rarely supported, I developed my own solution to send plain text emails with ease.

I’ve kept this to myself for now since I understand that not everyone shares the preference for plain text emails. However, if you’re interested in using it, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email.

Pixel Companion

Pixel Companion

An iOS app that I created to help me scaling my work while I was learning to create pixel art, here’s the story behind.

The Zettelkasten Manual

The Cover

This manual is an introduction to Zettelkasten and encapsulates my years of hands-on experience with it.

Written in English as a non-native speaker, the guide itself is a proof of the effectiveness of the technique.